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Official Nerv Photograph
Full Name Aliana Yamashiro
Born In Japan
Date of Birth 23/7/1976
Date of Death 13/9/2015 (Age 39)
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Race Caucasian/Asian
Relations ++DATA NOT FOUND++(Father)
Penelope McCleode Yamishiro (Mother)
Katsumo Yamashiro (Son)
++DATA NOT FOUND++(Husband)
First Appearance NEE Episode 1: Angelic Incursion
Final Appearance NEE Episode 1: Angelic Incursion (Actual)
TBA (Flashbacks)

Aliana Yamashiro is a minor protagonist, and biological mother of Katsumo Yamashiro, in the Neon Exodus Evangelion Series.


Early LifeEdit

Aliana was born in Ontario, Canada, to Penelope Yamashiro (nee Mcleode) and Unknown Yamashiro. She lived in a relatively stable household with both of her parents for 18 years, before her father mysteriously vanished. Aliana was devastated by the loss of her father but continued on to University in order a achieve a joint honours degree in biochemistry and biophysics, eventually achieving a Masters Degree in the latter, not long before her 24th birthday.

It was during this advanced course that she met her future husband ++MAGI ERROR++

Contact ExperimentEdit

Aliana is known to have been present during the lead up to the initialisation of Second Impact. Both she, and her husband left Antartica 12 hours before the Contact Experiment was conducted. The only details which are know of this time is that Aliana arrived at the South Pole heavily pregnant with her child, leading to questions of why she was even required to be present in the lead up to the conducting of the Contact Experiment.

Further data seems to indicate that Aliana and her husband made a subsequent return trip to Antartica mere days after Second Impact had occured. Their expeditionary force retrieved the sole survivor of the Second Impact epicentre, Mizuki Kuramoto, and continued on their mission to examine the destruction caused in the aftermath of the event. It is unclear when Aliana gave birth to her son, and the official date given is highly suspect (ref. same date as Second Impact). ++MAGI ERROR++ ++Verification Required++








Aliana doted on her son, and loved him greatly since he was the only member of her family left in the wake of the dissappearence of her father and husbad, as well as the death of her mother during Third Impact.

The CommanderEdit


  • Speculative evidence seems to indicate that both Aliana's father and husband are involved with the organisation known as Seele. This has led to speculation over how much she has been involved with them. The location and date of birth of her son has also been deemed highly suspicious.



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