Evangelion Resistance is an upcoming sci-fi multifranchise crossover gmod film and series. the series and film are set for release on youtube sometime in 2013. Production has instead begun to foucse on it being a story instead. 


the story is set in an unnamed section of the milky way galaxy and foucuses on a civil war between the empire (composed of villians from different franchises (excluding evangelion)) and the resistance (composed of heros from the same franchises). the film is a pilot focused on the resistance investing an empire plot to open a portal to Earth (in the Rebuild of evangelion franchise) so they can invade and conquer it. the series is set afterwards and is focus on Asuka Langley Shikinami (who came to this section after contact with the ninth angel) helping the resistance defeat the empire and ultimatly, save Earth.


Auska Langley Shikinami(Evangelion): the series main character who is trapped in that section until the emperor is overthrown.

Nathan Hale(Resistance): A SRPA soldier who was infected by the chimeran virus, he is one of the resistance leaders.

The Mercenaries(Team Fortress 2): while normaly guns for hire, they help the resistance in their war with the empire (because thier real boss: Saxton Hale was tired of having not made much profit from selling weapons to the empire). they are: the soldier, the spy, the heavy, the scout, the pyro, the demoman, the sniper, the engineer, and the medic.

James T. Kirk (prime)(Star Trek): Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, he is on the resistance leaders.

Master Chief(Halo): He is a spartan 2 soldier who was in the alliance (the section's previous government) during the uprising (which occured about 30 years prior).

The Emperor: ruler of the section who rules with an iron fist (he is set to be the same age as Asuka).


as the series and and film are crossovers the credits will state that the characters and music used are copyrighted. the series will be by youtube user Covenantslayer1. the film and early parts of the series are set to be made using gmod, the series' later parts are set to be made in source film maker.

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