Number 01
Name meaning God Is My Strength
Abilities Protruding long tendrils, flotation, incredible piercing strength
Defeated by Pergamum, piloted by Akio Masanubu

Gabriel is the first Angel fought in Parable Of Evangelion. It is the Angel of Fire and takes the appearance of a massive S2 Engine. 


Gabriel, similar to Ramiel from the original series, can tunnel using long tendrils that it can protrude from any point on it's body. Its flotation allows it to float freely through the air. It's massive S2 engine, which encompasses its entire body.


Like all Angels in the Parable series, Gabriel communicates with the pilots. I's personality appears to be that of a scared and abandoned child, constantly asking help from Akio. Akio, however, kills it in a combination of fear and submission. Gabriel, based on this dialogue "Mommy left me. Please stop! I don't want to die", may be in an infantile state. However, this may just be disguising its true nature.