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"If it results in burning the world down... then i'll do it"
―Kenji Katsuragi
Kenji Katsuragi
Full Name Kenji Katsuragi
Born In Iwatodai, Japan
Date of Birth January 1st, 1998
Age 4 (//The Day of The Second Impact\\)
17 (Main Story)
19 (~Another Revelation: The After years~)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Japanese
Relations Naoya Katsuragi (Father)
Kishuna Katsuragi (Mother)
Misato Katsuragi (Cousin)
Piloted Units Neo-Evangelion Unit-01
Rank Beginner Pilot
First Appearance Episode 1: Another Legend to be Told
Final Appearance Episode 25: The Final Battle which will be told till the end of time
Appearances Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ //The Day of The Second Impact\\
Evangelion ~Another Revelation~
Evangelion ~Another Revelation: The After Years~

Kenji Katsuragi is the main protagonist of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ he is the pilot of Neo-Evangelion Unit-01 and is a survivor of the The Second Impact which occurred eleven years ago.


Early LifeEdit

At the age of four, Kenji witnessed the cosmic event known as the Grand Cross which occured in 2002 and his mother, Kishuna Katsuragi fused with the core of Neo-Evangelion Unit-01 which unknowingly caused the Grand Cross as she fused with the piece of eden held within the Unit's core, as she fused Kenji saw this and suffrered a great amount of tramua seeing his mother fused and the deaths caused by the Grand Cross.

After the events of the Grand Cross, Kenji's father left him in the care his aunt and uncle as he decided to begin an unknown research with the newly forumed Neo-NERV, growing up he heard of the stories of the legendary Evangelion Units and is wondering if he would ever pilot an Eva too.

Events of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~Edit

As the years went on Kenji was called to Neo-NERV's headquarters where he bumped into a boy who introduced himself as Minato, but before the two could make a conversation Kenji insulted Minato about his appearance which caused the two to have a brief fight before getting split up by Minato's father.

Later he was placed into Neo-Eva Unit-01 to fight the third angel, after having trouble with it, him and Minato both syncronized, with Minato being Kenji's eyes and Kenji being Minato's ears, after the two sucsessfully defeated the angel they became close friends.


At first Kenji is seen as an hothead to many of his peers and often fights his way through life without considering anyone else's feelings, but he is shown to have a caring side him that is only seen to his friends, Kenji can also be overly perverted depending on the situation (EX. spying on the girls at a hot springs event or telling lewd jokes)


  • Minato Shirogane: At first Kenji and Minato wern't on the best of terms, with Kenji calling Minato 'fat' and Minato calling Kenji and 'idiot', but after the battle against the third angel the two become close and have an unbreakable bond.
  • Patrick James Lowell: Kenji views Patrick as an older brother figure who he can look up to for support.
  • Mary Langley Sonomura: Both Mary and Kenji often clash due to their simular personaities (both being hot-headed and loud), thus they often get into fights when fighting angels.



  • Like with Minato who is based off of Senta Umino from Submarine 707, Kenji is based off of Kenji Minahaya from the same anime.
  • Kenji is related to Misato Katsuragi as her cousin, however Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ is an Alternate Universe to the main Evangelion series and other characters like Ryoji Kaji don't appear or are only alluded too in Misato's story.

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