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LUST, in the his original form.
Full Name ???
Born In ???
Date of Birth ???
Age N/A
Hair White
Eyes Silver
Race Sin
Gami (Formally)
Angel (Formally)
Human (Formally)
Aliases Sin LUST
Father of Sins
First Appearance Episode 4
Final Appearance Episode 50
LUST is the primary antagonist after he displays that can take control of The Angels and Gamis and make them into beings called "Sins".

Personality and CharacterEdit


Due to his evolution through The Angels and Gamis, he was able to gain the power to turn The Angels into pawns and, if necessary, turn them into Sins. The Gamis are a different problem as they know of his activity and have prepared themselves. But this isn't a problem as LUST can turn one of them into a pawn during a fight with a Angel or a Mrk Unit. He can turn himself back to his previous stages of evolution to fool the Gamis, The Angels, or the Humans.

Material CollectionEdit

  • Summery: LUST, the 1st and 8th Sin, and inheritor of the Fruit of Evolution.
  • Hobbies: None.
  • Values: Himself and his army of sins.
  • Likes: The Sins and Cid to a certain extent.
  • Dislikes: The Angels, The Gamis, and Humanity.



He was born during Third Impact's aftermath, his mother dying because of it. He survived due to a nearby chamber he was put in, living until Angels started coming from the source. His father saved him, piloting an abandoned Eva. The Eva managed to kill the Angels, but many fled to repopulate, the father taking the born LUST and getting to a shelter to keep safe

Four years later, ten Angels attacked that same shelter, which had grown bigger to be a city. LUST, with his father, ran to safety, coming across many soldiers, one of which was a rebel helping. LUST stopped following his father, walking to the rebel with the AK-47. The father grabbed him as an Angel landed on the place he and the father were going. The rebel turned around as he picked up a giant rocket launcher he had put on the ground. The Angel tries to kill the rebel, but he dodges, launching a missile at the Angel. LUST looked at this with awe as the Angel fled back to where it originally was. The father and LUST ran off as the rebel looked back, then he dropped the rocket launcher, putting the AK-47 on his back and running further into the battlefield. LUST ran to a safe place as an Angel followed. LUST sees it, but the father doesn't. LUST tries to run away, but the father grabs him, keeping him close to him. The Angel attacks, the father being killed for him ignorance.

Evolved Genesis MarkerEdit


To Each SinEdit

"You are now mine. You are now a pawn. No. You are now my second brother. Gluttony, awaken!"
―To the second Sin, Gluttony.

"Welcome, Obsession, to the family. Hehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
―To UNKNo. Sin, Obsession

"You are now mine. Become corrupted, become a being, a being that does nothing but WANT! Greed, awaken!"
―To the third Sin, Greed.



  • LUST is named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • LUST is the only Sin to have his name in all capital letters.


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