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"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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The Lance (Or spear) of Longinus is an extraterrestrial artifact infused with the power to pierce any AT field effortlessly, and to paralyse god-like beings of power, such as Angels and Evangelions. Lilith is crucified with one such Lance pierced through it's chest to prevent the Third Impact from happening, or at least Too early in the eyes of Seele.

It has remarkable metamorphical capabilities, such as when thrown, it spins rapidly forming itself into a beam of light. If used correctly by a trained individual (E.g. Adam or Lilith), the spear is capable of a plethora of other features, all of which can only be guessed - such as returning to it's owner once thrown.


The Lance of Longinus in it's "default" form

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