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Lumeciel, charging it's devastating plasma blast
Abilities Thirteen AT Fields
Plasma discharge cannon
Psychic abilities
Appearances TBA
Defeated by TBA

Lumeciel, the fourteenth angel, Angel of impossiblility.

A peculiar, gleaming white, irregular-shaped angel that flies in above Tokyo III. It destroys all layers of plate armour down to the geofront in a single blow, and is barley held back from destroying the further layers between it and Lilith by the three other Evas working together.

That is, until it then unleashes it's psychic potential against them...



It has the most prominent of offensive capability for all the angels, being able to fire energised plasma from the orange crystal located from it's frontal region. It's attacks can take many different forms, ranging from single powerful blasts of plasma to rapid volleys of explosive pulses.

It also has psychic capabilities which is believed to be released from it's second black "eye" on the lower frontal half. It's capabilities can dissolve AT fields, and probe the minds of individuals it choses, tapping into their darkest memories and thoughts, driving them insane. However, it is noted it can only psychically possess one individual at a time.


On top of it's attacking ability,

Methods of destroying the angelEdit

It's core is belived to be located behind the orange crystal on it's frontal region, however getting to it certainly risks being shot at, which is at best lethally crippling with a single blow.

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After a wave of failed attempts and heavy casualties in fighting the angel, it is found out that an anti-AT field is extremley potent against destroying the angel. Generating such a feild requires extreme mental ability of the pilot sand faith in their Evangelions, and risks the Eva itself breaking it's restrains and becoming godlike.

It is defeated by Hisako's eva going berserk, with it's restraints breaking and causing the Eva the become semi-godlike. However, it never ceases to keep to Hisako's wishes - It breaths life back into Katsumo and Ashley's evas, all of which max out their AT field, generating an Anti-AT field, and destroying the angel.


  • The world Lumeciel is diverged from the word Luminescent, the grammatically incorrect placing of the I before the E adds a strange quality to it.
  • Lumeciel is heavily inspired by the extracanonical angel Turel.

Comparison in size beteeen Lumeciel and an Evangelion.

Proposal 34 sha,tu

Turel on the right, with Shateiel on the left.

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