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The 12th angel
Abilities AT Field
Viral Infestation
Mind Control
Appearances TBA
Defeated by TBA

Makatius the Twelfth Angel, and the tenth one to attempt to unite with Lilith.


Makatius has no visible external body as the Angel exists exclusively as a virus, and therefore lacks a single form. It infects one human host and then colonizes it. From there it uses its host as a plague vector, spreading microscopic pieces of itself to infect other humans.

The core is located in the original victim where is grows like a tumour. The only way to kill Makatius is to kill the original host and the core.



Makatius uses viral attacks to achieve its goals. It spreads like a normal, albiet sentient virus. The virus infects a victim before multiplying and then it spreads to other victims. The virus begins to attack and corrupt the victims body in a multitude of different methods. Attacking cells, shutting down organs, clogging viens, and even consuming flesh are only a few methods. Worse the body has no way of actually fighting back as each virus possess a micro-AT field. The victim usually dies a horrible death within a day.

But by far its most terrible ability is revealed when the victim finally dies. With the victim's death, Makatius reanimates the corpses and uses them as a puppet.


  • Inspired by Ireul and Bardiel. Major differences are that it affects human beings as a plague. Also inspiration drawn from Necrus' "Rust" virus.


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