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"A giant robot huh... this isn't gonna be like those mecha anime is it? "
―Minato Shirogane
Minato Shirogane
Full Name Minato Shirogane
Born In Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Date of Birth March 21, 1998
Age 4 (//The Day of The Second Impact\\)
17 (Main Story)
19 (~Another Revelation: The After years~)
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Race Japanese
Relations Youhei Shirogane (Father)
Miyuki Shirogane (Mother
Naoto Shirogane (Older Sister)
Ayumi Shirogane (Younger Sister)
Piloted Units Neo-Evangelion Unit-61
First Appearance Episode 1: Another Legend to be told
Final Appearance Episode 24: You Will (Not) Surpass

Minato Shirogane (みなと白銀 Minato Shirogane) is one of the main characters of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ he was one of Neo-NERV's Angel research team before becoming the pilot of Neo-Evangelion Unit-61.


Early LifeEdit

Minato is the only son of Youhei and Miyyuki Shirogane, at the age of four, Minato's mother Miyuki Shirogane died during The Second Imact she pushed him into a fallout shelter at the cost of her own life, however she returned into LCL which covered the young Minato, he suffiered a great amount of trauma by this event and gained a fear of women because of his mother's death and he repressed these memories and managed to convince himself that his mother was in the hospital from an lingering Illness, but several years later his mother returned to him but as a clone that was created by his father in Neo-NERV's headquarters.

After years of living with his father who was a captian in Neo-NERV's Navy, Minato left Sumaru City and he became a cadet in the military until he was called back to Neo-NERV's headquarters to prepare for the Angel's upcoming attack.

Events of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~Edit

When Kenji Katsuragi meets Minato they both exchange words before Minato rushes off and Kenji runs after him to gain more infomation about what the Neo-Evangelion Units are, after a small fight between the two boys they both become close after Minato and Kenji syncronize together and defeat the 2nd angel together.

Later on he becomes the pilot of Neo-Evangelion Unit-61, which holds the other side of his mother's soul after he found out that his mother that came back a couple of years ago is a clone of his real mother and the repressed memories of his Mother's death and the painful memories of Second Impact came flooding back, in a fit of rage when his mother's clone attempted to comfort him he attempted to strangle her as he couldn't love someone who was only emulating his mother but came to the realization that he still loves the clone even though she is acting as his mother.


Minato is shown to have a very caring personality due to the love his mother and father gave him, even after his mother died Minato's father, Youhei Shirogane cared for him hoping to never let him go as he didn't want another person he love die, at most times him and Kenji are sometimes perverted and in one chapter they spy on the girls in the hot springs which causes them to be knocked out by Patrick.


  • Kenji Katsuragi: Both Minato and Kenji are shown to be close friends after the battle with the Magician Angel, both of them constantly talk about what intrests them and have forged an unbreakable bond.



  • Minato is based off Senta Umino from Submarine 707R.