Nathan Hale is a main character in the upcoming fan film and series Evangelion: Resistance. He is from the Resistance franchise of video games.

early historyEdit

Hale was born in 1922 and when he was young, his parents had died, leaving him an orphan. He was later adopted by the Farleys and was treated like one of thier own quickly

Hale leaving for the rainforest mission.

. In the years following the rise of the reformed Alliance government, he looked up at the many volunteers in the military corps as insparation in his teen years and enlisted at the age of 21.

Alliance soldierEdit

After joining the Alliance, Hale recieved many medals for his feats, such as single-handedly escape and

Hale as an Alliance soldier

takeout a terrorist cell headquarters without reinforcements. He met the Master Chief, captain James T. Kirk(prime), and James Bond after being stationed on the U.S.S. Enterprise, and the four began hearing rumors after serving for 5 years about a uprising by a rogue group.  

The UprisingEdit

At the of the Uprising by the rogue group (formed of villians from different franchises(excluding Evangelion)), Hale was sent to investigate a chimeran presence near the capital but an spire ambush set up by the chimera caused the group he was leading, including himself to be infected by the chimeran virus, the result was that he was in a coma in the months during the uprising, and the fall of the alliance. 


Hale being infected by the virus.

The ResistanceEdit

After awakening from his coma on the Enterprise, he is told by Kirk and Master Chief that the alliance fell and the rogue group toke its place as the empire and is cured (but has the side effects, such as regeneration and the golden eyes) and is given a new uniform, as he is enlisted in a group called SRPA. Hale,Kirk,Chief, and Bond later meet and form a group against the empire using the alliance remnants and anyone they can recruit to thier cause to the return the section to a peaceful area. During a mission in a village, he finds a young girl whom he reconises as his niece from his brother and sister-in-law, who were killed in the empire's massacre on the village for quartering resistance troops in a local hotel and takes her in as a ward(despite Kirk's and Master Chief's objections) . His niece is set to appear later in the series in a backstory first, and becomes Asuka's partner later after they meet. she may be an original character, but this not certain.   


Hale as a Resistance soldier

Asuka's arrival and afterwardEdit

After being in the resistance for a few years, Hale, along with the Master Chief and a group of resistance fighters went to the rainforest on the capital planet to investigate a imperial plot using portal technology to reach a planet called Earth (in the Rebuild of Evangelion timeline), in order to invade and conquer it. After Asuka's arrivial, he becomes Asuka's mentor in order to help her survive as a resistance fighter(as the series will state).