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"We're top-secret organisation that answers directly to the UN"
Mizuki Kuramoto

Hisako Iwasaki's Nerv Induction Manual and Status Card

International multi-billion dollar defence organisation funded and run by Seele. Responsible for the usage, maintenance and supplied pilots of the Evangelions


Geofront Base, JapanEdit

Main base of operations. Home of the central Dogma housing Lilith, responsible for the the first Evangelion

Nerv First Branch, USA, Massachusetts Edit

Another branch of Nerv USA

Nerv Third Branch, GermanyEdit

Newest branch of Nerv. Responsible for Unit

Nerv Second Branch, USA, NevadaEdit


Nerv 7th Branch, Tabgha Moon BaseEdit



The Gehirn logo, before being renamed to NERV after the completion of the Magi and unit 00


The old NERV logo shortly after initiation

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