Reiji Ayanami
Art by Mon
Full Name Ayanami Reiji
Date of Birth Unknown (Presumably 2001)
Age 14 (Biologically)
Hair Blue
Eyes Red
Race Japanese
Relations Yūichi Ikari (Genetic Source)
Piloted Units Unit-0
Aliases Doll Boy (by Oskar)
Rank First Child
Appearances TBA
Reiji Ayanami is the counterpart of Rei Ayanami from Earth-63.

Etmyology Edit

Ayanami literally translates to "twilled waves" is named for an Imperial Japanese navy ship from 1929.

Reiji can have several meanings in kanji such as "zero two" or "wise child", but most interesting is that it can also be interpreted as "rage" in a Japanese accent which translates back as "Ikari".

Symbolically his name is also supposed to represent how he's a clone of Yuichi Ikari as the latte's name can mean "one".