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Saya Izanagi
Saya Izanagi (Episode 5)
Full Name Saya "Mikoto" Izanagi
Date of Birth 2003
Age N/A
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue (Normal)
Red & Black (During Triedge Mode)
Race Artificial Human
Piloted Units Mrk Unit 00
Aliases Dai 2 Ejji (The Second Edge)
First Appearance Episode 3
English Voice TBA
Saya Izanagi is a major character in Evolved Genesis Marker. She pilots Mrk Unit 00.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Unlike her NGE counterpart, she isn't completely void of emotions. She's kind, though has the same sick mind as Daniel; a mind that rather see gore over hearing about it, and sometimes wanting to have been there when it happened. She also suffers a mistake where the DNA she's based on starts giving her memories of her past life.



Material CollectionEdit

  • Summery: Saya Izanagi, pilot of Mrk 00, and first clone of Mikoto Shishigami.
  • Hobbies: Unknown at the moment.
  • Values: Unknown at the moment.
  • Likes: Daniel, Cid, Mrk 00.
  • Dislikes: The Angels, The Gamis, The Sins.


Evolved Genesis MarkerEdit



  • Saya's appearance is based on Sephiria Arks from Black cat.
  • She has a stylized 1 on her forehead, indicating that she is the first clone of whoever.
  • Her first name, Saya, means Shell.
  • Her last name, Izanagi, means Male Who Invites.


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