Shinko Ikari
Full Name Ikari Shinko
Date of Birth June 6th, 2001
Age 14
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown/Black


Race Japanese
Relations Genka Ikari (mother)

Yuichi Ikari (father)

Piloted Units Unit-01
Appearances TBA

Shinko Ikari is the alternate counterpart of Shinji Ikari. While it seems like there's no difference between the two other than the lack of a Y chromosome, there subtle differences that distinguish them.


Ikari literally translates as "anchor" ,but can also mean "anger".

The suffix "-ko" is common in girls name in Japan and often literally translates to child. However "shin" can have several meanings. Resulting in:

  • God's child
  • heart child
  • truthful child
  • belief child
  • new child
  • humble child
  • advanced child

and more.

Appearance Edit


Shinko is a "plain" girl with short brown hair and grey-blue eyes. She's most commonly seen in the Tokyo-3 Middle School uniform, but contrary to popular conception she does have casual clothes.

However, by the events of this version of The End of Evangelion, her hair has grown to shoulder length symbolize how far she's gone off the deep end. Plus as a reference to how Shinji was supposed to have long hair to hide behind, but was scrapped due to animation concerns.

Role and PersonalityEdit

At first, there's very little difference between her and Shinji. They're both very shy, meek, and reluctant to "get in the damn robot". Just minus the social stigma because of her gender...well for the most part anyway.

However, she still struggles with these flaws because of how they're not considered qualities of "strong women". As such she aspires to be a Yamato Nadeshiko, the ideal woman in Japanese culture. Since she has the meekness, humility, and loyalty, but lacks the maturity, wisdom, and strength. And these ideals are often twisted into cowardice, passiveness, and self-hatred.