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The 3rd angel projecting it's at field to levitate, as indicated by it's faint halo
Abilities Light cannons (twin)
Basic levitation
Mass Morphing
Appearances NEE Episode 1: Angelic Incursion
Defeated by Hisako Iwasaki

Soratarus - The Angel of Light Soratarus is the Third Angel, and the first to appear in Neon Exodus Evangelion, 15 years after the Second Impact.




  • Light cannons (twin)

The angel is equipped with two rectangular prism limbs called "plinths". Whilst levitating, the angel can use them to project beams of light towards it's targets. It can even attack two targets at once due to the fact that both plinths can fire alternatively.

  • Basic levitation

It can levitate a few meters above the ground, however, it requires all the energy from AT field, and therefore leaves the angel vulnerable.

  • Mass Morphing

The angel's skin as capable of morphing into several thin limb-like protrusions, which can be used as last resort method of close combat. Ther are usually used when the angel is projecting it's AT-feild, once it's plinths are stabilising the angel on the ground, and the angel is free to use it's energy to project an AT-feild - and therefore can harm it's opponent whilst being invulnerable

Methods of destroying itEdit

The angel's AT field is rather weak, as well as it's core being very openly exposed. The best opportunity to destroy it is whilst projecting it's AT-feild to levitate, leaving it an easy target - even with a single shot.


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