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Tripods marching thru Tokyo-3
Number hundreds if not thousands
Created In unknown
Pilot Martian Martians
Soul none
Design Martian
Named After nothing
Weapons Heat ray, tentacles
Name Meaning three legged object, war machine
Abilities black smoke
First Appearance N/A
Final Appearance N/A

The Tripods are the Martians' equivalent to the Evangelion units are are the Martians primary battle force in the first and second invasion of Earth.   


First invasionEdit


A tripod during the first invasion.

In 1899, the tripods along with thier martian pilots came to Earth in cylinders launched from Mars and the first landed in Horsewell Common. Some of the locals from a nearby town attempted to get a closer look but were stopped by the extreme heat caused by the cylinder's entry into Earth and later were even vaporized by a completed heat ray. The tripods left the cylinders and began to invade the planet, destroying cities, military resistance, and vaporizing humans in sight. The martians began to use the tenticles to capture human survivors for harvesting of thier blood. However this along with breathing the air on Earth proved to be thier undoing as the martians began to die from the bacteria on Earth not having knowledge as there was no diease on Mars and the tripods themselves began to topple crushing anything the 80ft machines fell on. One almost crushed a little boy and a young Mari Makinami Illustrious but missing them by a few feet.

Second invasionEdit


The Martians reveal themselves and their new tripods after over a century.

Over 116 years later in 2015, humanity had long forgotten the invasion and a resistance force called A.R.E.S. developed in the early 1900s was disbanded and later succeeded by Gehrin, which in turn was succeeded by NERV. NERV is attacked by the JDSSF under orders from the Japanese government with persuasion of SEELE. Unit-02, and Asuka Langey Sohryu is nearly destroyed by the Mass produced Evangelions until she is defended by Unit-01 piloted Shinji Ikari. Unit-01 is almost awakened when one of the mass produced evangelions is suddenly vaporized by what colonel Misato (who was not killed in this timeline) later reported as a green beam. The martians in thier now 100ft and more advanced tripods reveal themselves, suddenly the mass produced evangelions and Unit-01 (Shinji Ikari having lost control somehow) begin to attack the tripods as if under instinct. The mass produced evangelions are quickly destroyed by the heatrays and manage to push Unit-01 back however Unit-01 remains intact. Aware of the new threat the Japanese government orders thier forces to assist NERV forces in destroying the tripods. Gendo soon begins to believe that Yui, remembering her great parents were a part of A.R.E.S. helped create the Evangelions not to fight the angels, but to fight the martians if they ever invaded again.