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Turios on it's neutral form
Abilities Levitation
Twin AT-Fields
AT cannon (amount of octahedrons used to charge indicates power)
Appearances TBA
Defeated by TBA
Turios is the Seventh Angel, and the fifth to appear in Neon Exodus Evangelion.


The fifth angel to attempt to unite with Lilith. Turios takes the form of a bizarre winged decahedron with an apparent tetrahedron "head" which houses the angel's core. Turios has two floating decahedron "arms" which are each capable of projecting an AT Barrier. It also possesses 6 colossal appendages upon it's back which resemble "wings", which seem to phase in and out of reality.


After a long drawn out battle, and three attempts at destroying the core, Eva SC Unit 04 destroys the angel, with aid from the other two Evangelions: SC Unit 01 and HC Unit 02.


Turios is capable of firing a powerful positron blast at a target. However, it takes time for the Angel to charge this attack, so it typically utilises smaller AT projection blasts from its twin decahedron 'arms'.

Sort of like Ramiel. Well, a bit.


Turios Blank

Concept design for Turios


The angel firing it's AT cannon with maximum power and cooling time

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