• Valarian of Naples

    Hi! I'm Valarian of Naples! As a way to take a break from the Grimdarkness of the far future, I would like to focus on creating fanon for Evangelion. In this series, it is an alternate dimension. Basically, the EVA's are pimped out with more than just Khorne-level rage after having the crap beaten out of them, including a mode known as "Astartes Wrath".

    In this fanfiction, it may be held that instead of fighting just the angels, there could also be attacks from beings of almost all unknown origin, and NERV and SEELE seem to know something about these beings other than being classified as "demons".

    UPDATE: This Fanfiction will be named "Evangelion Crusade".



    Job: Writes tthe story. Works on par with the manager, who may veto an…

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