Hi! I'm Valarian of Naples! As a way to take a break from the Grimdarkness of the far future, I would like to focus on creating fanon for Evangelion. In this series, it is an alternate dimension. Basically, the EVA's are pimped out with more than just Khorne-level rage after having the crap beaten out of them, including a mode known as "Astartes Wrath".

In this fanfiction, it may be held that instead of fighting just the angels, there could also be attacks from beings of almost all unknown origin, and NERV and SEELE seem to know something about these beings other than being classified as "demons".

UPDATE: This Fanfiction will be named "Evangelion Crusade".
Evangelion Crusade

This Image was roughly made using pencil and paper.



Job: Writes tthe story. Works on par with the manager, who may veto anything the writer brews up. However, if the readers get the choice, the writer may create multiple scenarios for one episode for a three day voting cast from the readers.


Creates the designs of the characters, angel, and demons. May create multiple designs for the manager to choose from.

Project Manager- Valarian of Naples

Leader of the production team.

Anyone who wishes to join please leave an example of your illustration or writing in the comments. You will be added to the list by the project manager.

Here is the character to illustrate: Main character(Senami Kimura, the first child(Not like Rei))- Has brown hair that is in a long braid. the braided hair reaches to her mid-back, while unbraided it goes down to her knee's length. Eye color is a blue. Her plug suit is colored white, while her school clothes are that of what any girl in Tokyo-3 would wear to school. She loves water,also, and seems real calm and relaxed around lakes and the sea. Her conditions are the following: Autism: In this spectrum, she has great imagination, but she can't find a way to express herself often. Depression: Dueto trouble with her father and her mother's death, she often can't help but sigh. Takes anti-depressants. Overzealousness: When piloting the EVA, Senami is prone to being overcome by zeal and sometimes forgets that her next move may risk someone else's life.

She pilot The Paragon Clas (PC) unit 01, while the prototype unit-00 is piloted by Child-X. There is also the Battle Class (BC) Unit 02, piloted by the 2nd child, and the Star Class (SC) Unit 03, Piloted by the 3rd Child. Other Units: Paragon Class (PC) Unit 04; Battle Class (BC) Unit 05/ Demon-Possesed EVA; Final Class (FC) Unit 06 (Controlled directly by Seele, to be used as a piece of the Instrumentality proccess; pilot is likely to be the 10th Angel ( Adonai) in a human body, while parrallel to that, The 19th Angel, Gabriel, pilots Unit 04 under NERV's command and is against instrumentality. The pilot of the  Possessed EVA will likely be a friend of Senami.

EVA-PC Unit 01

EVA-PC Unit 01 (Japan)

EVA Prototype Unit 00

EVA Prototype Unit 00 (Japan)

EVA-SC Unit 03

EVA SC Unit 03 (Russia)

EVA-BC Unit 02

EVA BC Unit 02 (US)

EVA-PC Unit 04

EVA-PC Unit 04

EVA-PC Unit 04 Astartes Mode

Astartes Mode

EVA-BC Unit 05-Demon Possessed Evangelion

EVA-BC Unit 05/ Demon-Possesed Evangelion

EVA-FC Unit 06

EVA-FC Unit 06, Also known as Final Class/ Perfect Unit/ Ultimate Evangelion

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