"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Ultramarine Honour Guard
The 22nd Angel. Appearing during a Tokyo Toy Show, this Angel bears a striking resemblance to one of the toys on display there.
Number 22
Name meaning star that falls upon Earth and poisons a third part of the waters
Abilities Powered flight

Gravity Manipulation

Inertia Manipulation

Eye beam

Limb reattachment

Thought Manipulation

Appearances ???
Defeated by ???

Wormwood is the 22nd Angel. It appeared after the Fourth Impact and after the death of Adnachiel. It appeared during a toy convention in Tokyo-3 to restart the Fourth Impact.

Appearance Edit

Wormwood bears a striking resemblance to a space marine from the game series 'Warhammer 40,000'. More specifically, it resembles an 'Honor Guard' from the 'Ultramarines' space marine chapter. Aside from that, it frequently spouts quotes of space marines from the game 'Dawn of War 2'. Its engine is stored in its head. When its engine is destroyed, it falls apart piece by piece until it is merely a heap of twisted metal.


As with most Angels, Wormwood can fly. However, this flight is not the type of flight that most angels use, as Wormwood's flight is performed through a jetpack affixed to its back. Within fifty feet of the angel, gravity bends to its will, growing more or less powerful when it chooses. Within several feet of the angel, it bends inertia to suit it, with shots fired at it from a mile away stopping short. Through an unknown process, this angel gathers energy that it concentrates into its engine. Once enough energy is stored, which is characterized by a faint red glow from its body, it can fire a devastating beam from its eyes that can possibly punch a hole in the GeoFront. On occasion, it will sheathe its swords and fight with its bare hands. When it does this, it will attempt to grab the head of an Evangelion unit. If successful in this task, it forces its pilot to relive his/her most traumatic experiences over and over again. It then kills both the pilot and the unit with a concentrated eye blast straight to the cockpit. If one of its limbs is blown off, it can simply put it back on like a piece of a puzzle.